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Do you remember when you first learned how to read? Those strange symbols first became letters, then those letters made sounds, then you put them together to make words.  I remember when I learned how to read….I think I drove my parents insane because I read everything….magazines, commercials, signs on the road, everything in the grocery store, etc. It was magic to me, being able to read. The library and book stores became treasure boxes, trips to other places and times.

I’ve watched Ryley and Grace both make that light-switch leap from non-reader to reader.  It is simply amazing to watch.  I am truthfully so jealous of Kindergarten teachers who get to witness this particular miracle nearly every day. What a joy and what a gift to be part of that process.  I’ve seriously cried when both Ryley and Grace learned to read.  They did it just on time…..and they both LOVE to read.

I knew with Ethan starting Kindergarten, the switch was imminent.  He’s been showing signs of emergent reading for a while now, recognizing labels, stores, restaurant signs.  We had indications that he was starting to read, but he was so very matter-of-fact about it, and I just wasn’t sure. He started school and just took off. He’s really a reader!! And wow is he amazing. I realize I am shamelessly bragging, but he recognizes and sounds out words that Ryley and Grace didn’t get until first and second grade. We go to 7/11 every Friday morning after the gym so he can get a Slurpee.  He read “Crystal Light”, all by himself. That is not standard fare in our house, so it’s not as if he’s had a chance to see it often, nor hear the brand said. He read it.  I was stunned.  How many kindergartners figure out that particular “y” sound, much less the “gh” being silent? He does something like this every single day.  I shouldn’t be amazed anymore, but I always am.  I can’t believe the things he reads.

I guess I always believed that reading to our kids would help them on the road to becoming readers.  We’ve read to them nearly every night since they were babies, even before they understood what was going on. Michael and I both read constantly…books, magazines, the newspaper. Ryley and Grace are both reading well ahead of their grade level.  Ethan shows every sign of surpassing them.  I have learned though that I can no longer leave my phone, notes, and to-do lists out or they’ll read them. I have to hide my list of Christmas gifts because they can read my handwriting too. We’re entering a new world with them!

This morning, Ethan was reading the street names from home all the way to the gym, and he was so proud of himself.  I was just amazed.

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