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Illness and Torment

Before I had kids, I never really understood the desire to take another’s pain upon yourself. I just didn’t get it.  Once Ryley was born, I would have given anything to take his place.  That hasn’t changed one bit.  So when Ryley got sick Friday….the last day of school before Winter Break…I would have gladly taken his illness so he could be healthy and go enjoy the school parties.  It wasn’t to be.  We spent the day quietly at home together (after an early-morning visit to the pediatrician’s office). He slept and watched tv while I worked on laundry and Christmas cards.  Poor boy; I felt so bad for him.  He was so sad to miss the events of the day.

He was sick all weekend, and I mean sick.  You know when Ryley doesn’t complain about not being able to play with his friends, asks for a nap, and goes along with not playing an “active” game on the Wii, he really does not feel well.  I got to thinking too that this is another sign he is growing up. He understood he was sick. He understood what he needed to do to help himself feel and get better.  I didn’t have to struggle to explain it all to him. I didn’t have to hold a whining child, praying in my mind for it to pass quickly. I still prayed for a swift ending to the virus, but he took it in stride, stayed on the couch, drank his Gatorade, and got his rest, all without arguing.

I missed Grace’s first U8 all star soccer tournament.  I was really bummed. She was so excited to play.  But then again, I got the playroom completely cleaned out and reorganized, and Grace and Michael had a full day of one-on-one time.  Grace called me after each of the first three games, and Michael kept me in the loop with texts.

Sunday morning, Ryley was in our room, still feverish. Ethan was in our room with a headache and tummy ache, and Grace came in sporting a hideous rash on her tummy and upper legs. Nice…

That poor girl was born with the  most sensitive, awful skin I think I’ve ever seen.  Within two weeks of her birth, she peeled from head to toe. I like to say she “overbaked”….she was born 8 days late.  She then had that awful baby acne which took months to go away.  Poor girl was a wreck from the get-go.  She gets rashes in a heartbeat.  If she sits on grass and it’s the least bit damp, she breaks out. If something (anything) rubs her skin for too long, she gets a rash. She had a mark on the back of her neck for literally years from the tags in her clothes. Even if I cut the tags out, the edge left will still cause a rash.  We had a trumpet tree in the courtyard when we first moved in.  She and Ryley played with the leaves one day….I had to rush her to the pediatrician when she quickly became one giant, red, blotchy, itchy hive. But back to Sunday.

Her tummy was a mess of red, swollen, itchy pinpoint bumps. Within a couple of hours, it was one big bump. Same thing on her upper thighs, and then her side.  We were putting cortisone cream on every few hours, and giving her benadryl too. She was scratching like crazy, whining, crying, and just plain uncomfortable. We had a fairly sleepless night Sunday.  Yesterday, she even skipped going to a movie with Michael and Ryley because she was exhausted and itchy. She took a 2 hour nap in the recliner.  By the time she went to bed last night, the rash was looking so much better. This morning, she was hardly complaining. There’s still some rash, still some scratching but I do believe we’re on the mend. This poor girl is going to have a time of it for her entire life with this skin of hers. I just pray she grows out of the worst of it.

I’m dead tired. One sick kid, one itchy kid, and one kid who just wants some of the attention the other two are getting doesn’t make for much sleep. Now I’m praying that the other two don’t get Ryley’s virus, and that the itchies don’t make a return visit over the  next two weeks!

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