This is a post from last year, but it says it all. It is why we walk every year at March for Babies. His story hasn’t ended. And neither have the thousands of other stories of prematurity (500,000 a year in the US) that begin each year.

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Sometimes I forget that people we see every day, every week, don’t know Big Man’s “story”. For me, it’s so ingrained. I can’t look at him without innately knowing that part of him. So when someone said to me the other day, “I’ve never heard his story”, I wasn’t taken aback at all, but I was stopped short. I realized his prematurity is NOT obvious. For that, I am thankful in so many ways. So for those who have asked, here it is, in the long version. Spouse and I knew before we started trying to have children it was going to be a “challenge”. I already had diagnosed fertility issues. We were given six months of trying on our own, which stretched to 8. Then we started the wonderful, oh-so-fun clomid. We tried that for another six months, got pregnant but then had a very early miscarriage in November of 1999. I…

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    Because it is March for Babies time, I feel a need to remind myself where we began on this journey. Ryley’s life was saved by research funded by the March of Dimes. And this is why we give back.

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