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Countdown to a Middle Schooler

In four days, Ry will finish up 5th grade as well as complete his elementary years. It’s so cliché to say how quickly it’s gone, but my how quickly it’s gone. I could swear we were just attending Kindergarten Orientation, and now here we are, preparing for Promotion Day (Friday) and planning a celebratory dinner out. That little boy who barely reached my waist has shot past my shoulders to just a few inches shy of my height. That little boy who used to describe his letters instead of naming them is now reading up in to the 9th grade level. That 2 pound miracle I used to wonder would ever even walk now is a successful soccer and baseball player, and one of the kids with the most miles in the school running club.

He has come so far since that August day six  years ago. Some of my fears have been realized, but we dealt with them and moved on. We have a couple of new “new normals”, but he excels as if they never were an issue. I am so proud of this young man. And I’m terrified. After this, we start to lose control. He will change and grow so much in the next year. I am afraid of losing my boy, but I know that he needs the leading strings to be let out, if not cut entirely. We will face new decisions for him, things we haven’t really had to  think about or deal with yet. New paths will open up. New opportunities will present themselves. He will never be a little boy again. The end of elementary school means we are clearly in big boy/young man territory.

We have pictures of the kids all over our house. Over my desk, I have all of their sports photo buttons. Just looking at the changes in him from his first t-ball year to now is incredible. Sometimes I forget what his voice sounded like, the things he did that drove me insane, the funny things he would say, the trouble he would get into. But I have visual reminders all around me. I love who he is, and I love who he is becoming. I see glimpses of the future as often as I see glimpses of his future.

I find myself excited, sad, and scared this week. I wonder if he feels the same. He has said all year he doesn’t want school to end this year. He has days he is very excited to go to middle school. Other days he doesn’t want to leave the place he knows and loves, and where he is known and loved. Friday will be bittersweet. I am sure there will be tears.  I feel the need to say thank you personally to each of the teachers he’s had at our school.  Thankfully, we have three more years here, but we will never be *here* again. Never again will I have three little kids. The next time all three are in the same school, Ry will be  a high school senior and they will all be teenagers. I am sad it goes by so quickly.  For now, I have been surviving by putting my head down and getting through the multitude of tasks and errands needing completion before Friday. But once Friday is here, I will have to really face it.

Four more days……And then he will be a middle-schooler. Four more days………….

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