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Insomnia, or more middle of the night blues

It’s strange the things that come into your brain in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep. Last night I was once again cursing whoever came up with the grand idea of daylight savings time. Oh, I do love that it stays light later in the evening, but the adjustment period, especially with children, is pure h-e-double-hockey-sticks. Torturous. It is particularly dramatic with an ASD kid, or maybe that’s just  Ethan.

Sunday night, he was up until 9pm (then he paid his $1 to sleep in our bed and was out like a light).  Monday night, he was up until 10pm. Then he paid his $1 to sleep in our bed and promptly fell asleep. Yesterday, I was so tired, it physically hurt. I do not adjust well to the time change either. Nighttime, not so bad. Mornings…very bad. We sent all three kids upstairs at 8pm (we let Ethan stay up a little bit to watch Robot Combat). I wasn’t too far behind them, and turned my light out at 9:20.  Ethan was still chattering in his room. I got up a couple of times to tell him to quiet down and go to sleep. He came in twice asking to sleep in our room. We had already told him he HAD to stay in his room last night. At that point, I was struggling to quiet my brain so I took an Advil PM, praying desperately for good sleep.

Michael came up shortly after 10. Ethan came in with his dollar. We turned him down. He went back to his room where he proceeded to knock on the wall his room shares with our room. Michael went in to talk with him. Five minutes later, he’s back in our room. We sent him to his room again. The tears started. So did the kicking and knocking on the wall. Michael finally told him he could come in our room, but had to sleep on the floor. That’s where he ended up (until about 4am when he climbed in beside me). At 11:15, our room was finally quiet and Ethan was asleep, as were Michael, two of the dogs, and one of the cats. I was wide awake.

I wanted to cry. Exhaustion took over my emotions.  I was frustrated and angry. I didn’t beat myself up last night. But I did mentally curse that brilliant mind behind daylight savings time. I made a list of the things I needed to get done today. In my mind, I redecorated my family room and re-painted our downstairs. I started planning excursions for our upcoming Spring Break. And I prayed there would somehow be time for a nap today. I argued with myself over the use of “whoever” and “whomever.”  I mentally reviewed “The Awakening”, once again thinking, “Oooookkkkaaayy.” And I vowed Ethan would take some melatonin tonight an hour before bedtime.

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