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Last Year

Our littlest baby is nine years old today. NINE!!! This is the last year our home will have a kid in single digits in it. We can hit the pause button at any time now. I’m truly happy with where we are. My children still like me. We don’t have too much attitude yet. They are self-sufficient (even if there is a LOT of prodding to get them to bathe on a regular basis). They have their own opinions. We can talk *with* them. They are developing their own interests.  Activities have settled down into those they really want to do, rather than signing them each up for everything and then hauling them all over town every single day.

I clearly remember nine years ago to. I most distinctly remember standing outside the hospital that morning knowing that we would walk out with our family complete.  The sun was coming up over the mountains behind the hospital.  It was a gorgeous morning. It ended up being a long day. We had a couple of scares during labor, and came *this* close to have a c-section.  He had the cord wrapped around his neck a couple of times. And he ended up in the nursery for a couple of hours with some junky breathing they wanted to monitor.  But then he was in my arms, so beautiful and precious. 

He was my healing pregnancy, my healing delivery, my healing baby. I needed him in so many ways. That may sound ridiculous or selfish, but he truly helped me heal some from Ryley’s premature birth. I had a perfectly boring, full-term, healthy pregnancy, at last. And I had a beautiful, wonderful, happy, healthy baby who was placed on my tummy right after birth, just as it should be. You wouldn’t think it would take my third delivery to have that, but it did. And I was so completely thankful.

The last nine years have not been perfect. We have definitely had our challenges. And while I would take away all his diagnosis, I love him the way he is. This morning as we drove to the Lego store, Game Stop and Toys R Us to spend gift cards and birthday money, I couldn’t stop looking at him. He is such a gift. He makes me a better parent, a better person. I have learned so much from him.  Most of all, he has taught me to not dwell in the darkness but to treasure every minute of the sunshine moments and never take them for granted.

He is so happy today.  He is happily playing with his sister. He hasn’t fussed one bit about any part of our day (other than having to take a bath before we went shopping this morning).  He ate almost all of his lunch without prodding. He sang his little heart out in the car and did not complain about how far we had to go to get to the Lego store.  He spoke on the phone twice today without me having to push him.  And he still has his birthday dinner to look forward to.

I am feeling blessed today. I am happy. I am at peace. My precious youngest boy is nine. Happy Birthday E-man. Thank you for completing our family.

One thought on “Last Year

  1. Happy birthday to your son! Hope he has loads of Legos and cake and fun to enjoy!

    And I’ve realized that my kids’ birthdays are an anniversary for me too — a day of celebrating becoming a mom to each of them. So a happiest of happy ninth anniversary of becoming E-Man’s mom! I wish you joy, happiness, peace…and a big ol’ piece of cake!

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