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We Have a Zoo!

In addition to having two boys with high/different needs, and one ballerina, we have a zoo. Okay, so it’s not a real zoo, but it often feels like it. We have three dogs (one large, one medium, one small), two cats (although one of those thinks he’s a dog, or a kid, or a combination), and fish. See, a zoo. Again, God has a solid sense of humor.

I swiffer the wood floors every single day. Our labradoodle is more lab than poodle and she sheds like a fiend. I truly believe she can drop hair at will. I also vacuum every other day – thank goodness for an excellent vacuum cleaner. I will admit, it is somehow gratifying to see all the animal hair swirling around the canister when I finish a room.

At least twice a week, I rescue a lizard. Being the bad feline parents we are, we let our kitties go outside during the day. They are both supreme hunters and, of course, have to bring us their trophies for the day. I can usually get the lizard before it’s been vitally injured, and get him to safety, sans tail.  I’m not always so lucky and we hold a mini lizard funeral over the yard waste bin. Now, I’m not the least bit fond of lizards (or snakes, frogs, and the like), so the fact I will go out of my way to separate the cat from his treasure and rescue the darn thing is still beyond my comprehension. I even picked one up in my hand a few weeks back. Ewwwwww……

About once a month, I come home to a kitchen or game room full of feathers. We have tons of sparrows, doves, and hummingbirds in the neighborhood and our kitties are apparently VERY fast. This is my least favorite part of our zoo. “Bad Kitty!” I yell. I don’t usually get to the birds before it’s funeral time. This makes me sad, although I don’t really like birds in general. And I wish, if the kitties have to hunt birds, they would manage to take down the mockingbird who chooses to replicate a car alarm every morning from 4-6am.

When our yorkie found me on a walking path this past January, I was determined we were either going to find her owner, or find a new owner. I was NOT going to keep that dog. My husband is a sucker for small dogs, and after five days without success in finding her home, he stated we were keeping her. She has wormed her sweet way into my heart. She really is a good girl. But she can be demanding, and her bark is huge compared to her little body. She often can’t even see what the other two dogs are barking at as it’s above her sight line, but she will still stand beside them, barking fiercely. Since the cocker spaniel is an alert barker, there’s quite a bit of barking sometimes.

We have a zoo. It’s crazy. It’s loud. It’s messy. And I’m not just talking about the animals. Thank goodness the fish are quiet, unassuming, and undemanding. A friend once told me I needed to get another cat to even it out…three kids, three dogs, three cats. I told her she’d have to buy my medication and wine at that point.

And now I’m off to swiffer and vacuum, and feed the animals in my zoo.

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