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Sunshine Award


I started blogging, on a private site, almost eight years ago. It’s just been in the past few months I’ve gathered the courage to “take it public” and open my life up to the online world.   In my dreams, I’m a writer. At almost-44, I am still becoming. I’m testing the waters. So to read the post of a writer I’ve come to admire, and see my blog granted a nomination for a Sunshine Award (from bloggers to bloggers) just made my day, especially with the weeks we’ve had at home lately. So, Janice, thank you so very much. This was just the boost I and my writing ego needed. You can check her blog out here: http://janiceheck.wordpress.com/

Some blogs I’ve begun following, and from which I have found encouragement recently are also deserving of this nomination. They are:

1. Jess http://adiaryofamom.wordpress.com/

2. LillianC http://lillian888.wordpress.com/

Apparently, there are questions that go along with receiving the nomination, so here it goes:

Sunshine Award Questions:

1. Favorite color: purple (or labendah as my Big Sis used to call it)

2. Favorite animal: elephants – I just love how they move, and that they are a matriarchal society.

3. Favorite number(s): 4. Odd numbers creep me out

4. Favorite (non-alcoholic drink): Diet Coke or Fiji Water

5. Favorite (alcoholic drink): Mmmmmm…..I’m currently a fan of Malbec. But next month, we will be going to Montalcino, Italy – an area of Tuscany famous for its Brunello. Fairly sure that will be my new favorite. 

6. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. I do have a Twitter account, but I’ve never really figured the whole process out. Facebook is just easier.

7. My passions: reading, writing, my three beautiful babies, watching my daughter dance, spending time with my family, and baseball (watching, not playing).

8. Giving or receiving gifts: Definitely giving, especially when I know I’ve found the perfect gift for that person.

9. Favorite city:  Lahaina on Maui. I also LOVE Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, and San Francisco. You just can’t beat watching the sunset from the park in Lahaina though.

10. Favorite TV show: Glee – it just makes me smile, and sing. Second to that is So You Think You Can Dance, and Ellen.

Thank you again, Janice, for the nomination. Kudos to you…you brighten many days.


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