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The Finish Line

We made it. We survived another school year. We came sliding into the finish ssunburned, sweaty, tired, and hanging on by a thread, but we did it. Deep sigh of relief. Now if we can just hold the anxiety about next year at bay for at least a few weeks…..

My P “graduated” from fifth grade yesterday.  We have elementary as K-5, the Middle School 6-8, then traditional high school. So she’s leaving elementary. She said yesterday as we walked home, “Mom, I didn’t cry at all. I didn’t feel like it.” I told her that was probably a sign she’s more than ready to move on. It’s time. She’s been very successful in elementary, but it’s time for new challenges, educational, social, and emotional. As anxious as I was for my oldest to start middle school last year, I am terrified the changes middle school is going to bring with my precious girl. She is such a good girl….so sweet, funny, sure of herself, confident, loving.  I’ve been around quite a few middle school girls the last few weeks. It isn’t pretty. I want to hang onto my sweet girl.

My big boy is now a seventh grader. I just keep watching and waiting for the changes I know are coming. I know he will soon be taller than me. I know his voice is going to change eventually. I know he will finally get what girls are all about. I feel we are hanging on the edge of a cliff, with a fall into a huge, unknown world.

The baby, well, he barely made it through the last three days of school. I went to see the school nurse to pick up his inhaler. She said he’d been in her office 2-3 times a day, every day, for the past week. Poor baby…just too much going on, too much upheaval.  She said she didn’t call me because she knew he wasn’t sick at all, he just needed a safe place to chill and pull himself together for ten to twenty minutes, then he could face the classroom again. Thankfully, there were no tears from him  yesterday. His teacher did make it in for awhile to see the kids, open their gifts, and say goodbye. He was happy to see her – it had helped him get through the remainder of the time, knowing she was coming. I popped into the classroom for a few minutes. I couldn’t really speak….my throat closed with tears. We are turning a corner. I  know we need to. I know he’s ready. I know he needs the opportunity to learn from another teacher. But she has been such a huge chunk of our family’s elementary school experience. And now it’s done.

My three held it together yesterday. I was the bucket of tears…asking the Princess’s past teachers to sign her book, saying goodbye to Mrs. L, walking out of the school with my P knowing she would never be back as a student. This mom job is an emotional one.

I am determined to take in every moment of this Summer and absorb all I can. I need that. I need this brief reprieve from the stress and anxiety. I need to enjoy my babies before they move on to the next phase. We’ve crossed a finish line. It’s not our last finish line, but it’s a significant one.

2 thoughts on “The Finish Line

  1. What a blessing to have a school nurse who understands what your child needs…a safe haven where he can sort things out. I like your positive approach to the summer and to moving on to new experiences. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.
    And by the way, because I do enjoy your blog, I have nominated you for another award: the Liebster Award. I don’t want to give you extra work, but I do want to give you the recognition. And I do see some of my friends on your comment list: Margaret, rgemom, and Lillian C. Nice people. That makes me feel good, too. We share common concerns.

  2. Yay! Congratulations! What an achievement, for all four of you. I totally agree with you about this summer. John will be starting high school in the fall with a new aide and a whole new set of challenges. Let’s get the vacation we’re going to need in now, right?

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