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Oh, girls

Boys are hard. They’re messy. They’re loud. They’re destructive.  Girls are easier…sweet, quiet, calm, adorable. And then you hit middle school. The Princess has 6th grade orientation today.  While we went down this road last year with Big Man, and we are used to the whole middle school thing, I am terrified and anxious all over again.

There are so many potholes in the road of raising a girl. We are getting to the very hard part now, I think. The signs have been slowly raised over the past few months….no longer will she shop at the store we have relied on for the past few years. Her mantra has changed from “the sparklier, the better” to I don’t know what. She is taking longer and longer to do her hair. She wants to know exactly when she can wear what makeup to school.

We’ve already endured some girl drama…The Queen Bee situation. I dread the next seven years for her. Girls can be so mean and catty. I can’t keep it from happening. I can’t control what other girls will say and do to my princess. I can only help pick up the broken pieces, and maybe strengthen her against the attacks. It breaks my heart. I just pray consistently maybe it won’t be so bad.

There are so many concerns with teenage girls…..cyber-bullying, self-esteem issues, boys, girl drama….not to mention all the beyond-crazy that can happen (ie the kidnapping last week of the teenage girl by a 40-year-old man who had a crush on her).  I find myself watching her more closely, talking with her more about what could be coming. I feel I must be so vigilant. But how do you balance that with giving her enough room to spread her wings?

I am thankful she talks to me about things. How long will that last? Is this first year of middle school going to change my sweet girl completely? Will she be sucked into the drama? Will she go down a road I’ve been on and pray desperately she avoids? I don’t want to mess this up.

She is a good girl. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s fairly sure of herself, she’s shown she can laugh at herself. She cares about the underdog and seeks fairness for everyone. She will stand up for other kids and for herself. She’s a rule-follower. But she’s still a girl. And I’m terrified.

3 thoughts on “Oh, girls

  1. Man, do I ever relate! My daughter’s heading only into 4th grade, but already I’m dreading that middle school jump. Middle school seems to be the equivalent of what my high school days were oh-so-many years ago. Much more pressure– in fact, one of the guidance counselors told us that peer pressure now typically reaches its peak in middle school! Oy. Sending positive vibes for smooth sailing for your daughter (and you!).

  2. My little girl is only starting kindergarten and I am already over-thinking these exact same things. I already see her wanting the same kinds of shoes as her friends. I should just let myself believe it really is about the Barbie shoes but I can’t help but worry if I am doing a good job of teaching her how to make her own path, instead of following along with her peers.

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