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Anatomy of a Ten Mile Run

Three's a Herd

It seems I feel the need to revisit and re-post this every time I’m in a training cycle. Tomorrow morning, I will run my last long training run before our half marathon on June 5th. I remember so well writing this, after my first ten mile run. There’s no two ways about it, really long runs are still hard for me, no matter how much I love the way I feel when I’m done. With eleven miles staring me in the face tomorrow morning, I give  you the Anatomy of a Ten Mile Run….

I honestly don’t know what possessed me to register to run a half marathon. Truly….I like to exercise and have almost always been active, but running? I have a love/hate relationship with running, as in I love to hate it. But, I also have a competitive spirit, so when I see friends around me going for…

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