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And So She Grows…..

I had a hard time swallowing Big Man turning 13 a few weeks ago. In a matter of days now, the Princess will be 12 years old. (Don’t bother doing the math…yes, they are one year and 19 days apart…Remember, God has a sense of humor) I’m struggling with this one. It’s just so different with girls.

She’s rocking middle school, as I thought she would. This girl, I love her to pieces. I am inspired by her. I wish I were more like her in so many ways. She’s sure of herself. She’s sure of her place in the world. She attacks every challenge that comes her way. She is unimpressed by people who are impressed by themselves. She is funny. She is book smart (her lack of common sense is a hilarious challenge). She is able to laugh at herself. She is a bright light.

I had the honor and pleasure of helping in one of her classes last week. I love I am able to still get a little glimpse into her daily school life.  And boy was it an eye-opener. At home, she is just my little girl. At school, she is  force to be reckoned with. I realized we are going to have a crazy train ride the next 6.5 years. She is in the big middle of everything, not that she planned it strategically that way. It’s just who she is. She is the proverbial flame. She doesn’t try to be, she just is.   There will be trouble, I’m sure. She has no fear of boys. They are not foreign to her. Thus she is easily able to talk with them. She gets them. Already, there are a couple of girls who are bothered by this trait of hers. I would protect her, but I can’t. It will be what it will be. She’s tough, and she’s dealt handily with queen bees before. She will be fine.

I am seeing the changes middle school is working in her. And all that girl stuff is happening, so she will cry at the drop of the hat for no apparent reason. Gotta love hormones. But I still see my little girl in her. She is still herself. I pray she stays strong. I pray my little girl does not become a demon teenage girl. But she is pulling away. She is more independent. Her interests are changing. She’s changing. I am just a spectator. Her teenage years will be very different from mine, thankfully. One more year until we are officially there. But twelve, wow.

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