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JT….So cool

So, yeah, this 40+ year-old mom of three was jamming to Justin Timberlake on the way home from the dance studio this afternoon.  I got to thinking, how cool would it be to be JT’s wife? I mean seriously, the guy just oozes suave, sophisticate, uber-coolness. Granted, he probably drives his wife nuts with whatever quirks of his drive her nuts. He is human after all. But wow. JT = cool.

I’m not one to have celebrity crushes. M and I joke about people “on our island” – you know, those free passes that will never happen. JT isn’t really my type per se, but dang the man can sing. When I was younger, I wanted a man to sing to me. I’m not talking about a corny or contrived performance, but to have a man so moved he would sing in that sexy, romantic way. Do you think JT sings to his lovely bride? Or do you think she’s over it? Or is he done with singing by the time he gets home? If he does sing to her, she is seriously one lucky lady.

There I was, driving along the curvy road between the dance studio and the freeway, and I wanted to close my eyes and just listen. I didn’t, of course, because, well, driving, but I could have. I could have just closed my eyes and taken all that sound, all those words in. And I could imagine they were being sung to me. Smooth, jazzy, bluesy music. Yum.



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