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He Did It!!!

E-man was insistent all day he was NOT going to go trick-or-treating. I was almost okay with it. He usually only makes it a few houses before he wants to go home. I usually end up carrying his mask and/or other assorted parts of his costume. He will NOT go up to houses that are very scary or loud. And he always complains about getting chocolate, which he hates. (Don’t ask…a kid who hates chocolate…I have no idea where that came from) I was almost okay with it because it’s usually more work than fun. But M had other ideas. After pizza, the rest of the kids got their costumes on and were ready to roll. E was upstairs with the iPad, contentedly watching MythBusters. M insisted he get his costume on and go out. I at least wanted one photo of my three together. E grudgingly put his costume on, but it was a battle to get him out the door. We compromised….one photo, and a few houses. Then he could go back home and help hand out candy.

But he did it! He skipped the “scary” and loud houses. His mask was off before we made it to the end of the block. He got all chocolate, so I had to remind him we would swap for the non-chocolate with his siblings. First, he hung with the older boys. Sure enough, we made it halfway around the block, and he was asking to come home.  I promised him…one more house (the one that hands out full-size candy bars) and I would bring him home. Funny thing – along the way to that one house, he asked first to go to this house, and then that house. He did it. He did it all by  himself. And he had fun. He was skipping, and smiling. He was saying “please” and “thank you” at every house without prompting. Granted, he did ask what kind of candy people were handing out as soon as they  opened the door, and twice asked if they had something non-chocolate, but he did it.

I couldn’t let myself think about it too much. I just stood back and enjoyed the moment. I was so proud, and so  happy. He did it. For 45 minutes, we beat autism.

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