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Favorite Things

Glancing back through my posts of late, I realize how dark and heavy things have been. I’m feeling somewhat celebratory today. It’s Friday, which is reason to play loud music and smile in and of itself. It’s also the last day before a much-needed, week-long break from routine, a week we will spend with family being thankful (and eating ourselves silly). I still have a sick teenager at home. There’s still laundry to be done. The Princess has ballet tonight and Nutcracker rehearsal tomorrow (during which at least 100 more dance grams need to be made). And Little Man is still staying up til all hours of the night. But I’m in a good place, today. I’m smiling. And in an effort to lighten the mood around the Herd, I’m going to share a list of my favorite things (this springs out of a conversation at one of my book clubs a few years back).

Here you go:

1.  Favorite Sunset: Lahaina, Hawaii. Hands down, nothing I’ve seen anywhere else beats it, granted I haven’t seen the sunset from every corner of the world. When I’m sad, stressed, or upset in any way, I look at my pictures of the Lahaina sunset, and I breath.

2. Favorite Jeans: Lucky jeans. Gotta have them.

3. Favorite Food: Tie between pizza and cheeseburgers. Oh, and french fries

4. Favorite Adult Beverage: wine  (favorite wine? hmmmmm…..My new favorite would have to be Brunello de Montalcino)

5. Favorite Beverage, non-adult: Diet  Coke (even though I’m not drinking much soda at all anymore)

6. Favorite Holiday: Opening Day of Baseball Season. Oh wait, that’s not a holiday? It should be. Darn it. Well then, I’ll choose Easter. It’s close to Opening Day.

7. Favorite Color: Purple and Pink

8. Favorite Book: Pride & Prejudice. Newer favorites include What Alice Forgot, The Book Thief, Deafening, Mists of Avalon, and Hotel at the Corner of Bitter & Sweet.

9.  Favorite Movie: Ahhhhhh…….Sixteen Candles, Pride & Prejudice (A & E version), Gone With the Wind, She’s All That, any of the Harry Potters.

10. Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Watching Glee (and singing along), brownies (especially if there’s  peanut butter in them), getting new shoes, taking pictures of my kiddos.

11. Favorite Shoes: Steve Madden

12. Favorite Sport to Watch: Have I mentioned my love of baseball?

13. Favorite Restaurant: The Fisherman in San Clemente, CA

14. Favorite Flower: Pale pink roses

15. Favorite childhood  memory: The day I caught my first fish.

16. Favorite Candy: Close race between Snickers and  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

17. Favorite Scent at Bath & Body: Tie between Japanese Cherry Blossom and Moonlight Path

18. Favorite Cookie: Snickerdoodle

19.  Favorite Car: Jaguar XJS

20. Favorite City: US – Boston. Or New Orleans. Or Chicago. Or Lahaina. International: Montalcino, Italy

There. My favorites. Share some of yours. Happy Friday!


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