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In Preparation

I woke up this morning with a sense of excitement, as well as one of dread. It’s the last week of school before Christmas Break which means schedules can be wonky, the unexpected is more likely to happen than the expected, students are excited (and therefore more loud than usual)….In short, there is every chance this week could be a  nightmare for my Little Man. And thus, Jaws the giant, fluorescent orange shark, went to school with him today.

We talked about it this morning on the way to school. I prompted him to try to be patient, to go to the Resource room if he needs to, and to use every tool he’s been given to just get through. He nodded his head slowly, “I understand, Mom. I’ll try.” That’s all I can ask, right? As I’ve learned I need to do each morning, I told him what would be happening after school today (thankfully, nothing). I even threw tomorrow’s schedule in, so he can start thinking about what he wants to do for the two hours I have to be at the dance studio with the Princess – even knowing I will have to repeat tomorrow morning what I told him today.

His aunt, uncles, cousins, and grandparents are coming next week. It will be a crowded, loud household for a few days. We began preparing him for that weeks ago. He has a plan – multiple “chill-out” breaks a day will be allowed and encouraged. Knowing he has that in his back pocket will help him manage. He’s excited to see his cousins, don’t get me wrong. He will need time to just sneak away on his own and take a moment to  keep his mental and emotional energy at a good level.

I love Christmas – all the excitement, fun, and family. But it is an anxious time for my little guy. It adds a whole new element to the holiday. But we’ll blunder on through it.

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