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The Holidays are over. Winter Break is officially done – although I have the oldest two home sick today. How did the last two weeks go? Good, not so good, and a few moments of downright bad. That’s pretty typical for life though, even for those with neuro-typical kids. This wasn’t as bad as we’ve had in the past. While he had two deep  meltdowns, he was in a pretty good place for the most part. Sleep, well, who needs sleep when you’re on break, right?

Dare I say we’ve reached a level place? Or am I jinxing myself? The meltdowns he had were in places and situations we would expect him to have a meltdown. The high points were pretty dang high. He was entertaining, he was entertained. He was witty. He laughed. He put together his Millennium Falcon (all 1254 pieces) in 3 hours. He played with his cousins. He gave his uncle a hard time, prompting said uncle to ask me if he had handled the situation as well as he could have (a firm yes, Uncle D..you did fine).  He skipped the 6 mile hike to hang with his Grammy. He complained about going to the beach, but once there, had a fabulous time digging a giant hole in the sand and chasing waves with his cousins. 

The last three months of 2013 were brutal. He did things, said things, went through things we’ve never seen before. It was heartbreaking at moments to watch much less live through. When you’ve enjoyed nearly a year in a “good place”, that dark, uncertain place is almost as terrifying as when your child first gets that diagnosis.

He got a big white board for Christmas which we will hang in his room. On it, we will write what’s going on that day as far as extra-curricular activities for the entire family, as well as what “jobs” he’s supposed to get done. We’ve discovered this makes life a lot easier for him as well as for us. He also got my Kindle Fire as a hand-me-down after hubster surprised me with an iPad mini. Suggestions for android apps would be great. The Lego sets he received have all been built. He’s making a list of all the sets he now wants for his birthday. This is how we roll.

Break was just that…a break. Now we dive back into the school routine, and hang on for the ride.

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