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11 Miles

I am training for another half marathon. I run the Surf City Half on February 2nd. Yep – That’s right, Super Bowl Sunday. Have I mentioned how boring training is? But my brother – oh beautiful, crazy, running brother – somehow convinced me doing the Beach Cities Challenge was a good idea. Three races in a 12-month period. Doesn’t sound awful right? That is until you take training into account. I ran Long Beach in October. Surf City in Huntington Beach is next weekend. Then I will run the Orange County Half May 4th. The prize for this abuse of my body? A dinner-plate sized medal in addition to the three normal race medals. And the pride and satisfaction of saying I did it.

So today, one week after fighting through that brutal flu (hardly moving much less running for a week), I ran 11.27 miles. I did it in better-than-planned time. The morning was gorgeous. The sun was shining. There wasn’t any wind. I didn’t have to battle any garbage trucks for road space. And it wasn’t hot. My updated running playlist needs a couple of tweaks but overall I’m pleased with it. I’ve been anxious about this run all week. Taking a full week off two weeks before race day is nerve wracking. And I’ve had a residual cough hanging around. After 5 miles on Tuesday morning, I was wiped out. Today felt great. I think I have a solid plan for race day. And I have a ton more confidence than I did before.

A few observations sprang to mind as I ran this morning. You have to entertain yourself somehow when running for nearly two hours.

1. Old lady drivers in particular do not like people running in the actual road (granted I take up less space than the cyclists they don’t seem to mind). I’ve had more little old ladies shaking their fists at me the past few months than ever before.

2. Beware moms in large SUV’s. They’re usually on their phones and/or dealing with a kid in the car and thus tend to not see runners much less leave them space in the road.

3. Old men are usually appreciative of 40-something running moms. But they’re just as likely to run you over.

4. So many people do not clean up after their dogs. Gross.

5. I have a huge fear of totally eating it while running. This probably slows me down.

6. Gu is gross. But it’s a necessary evil for distance runners.

7. Little dogs need to be feared way more than large dogs.

8. The theme from Star Wars is a good running uphill song.

9. Don’t try to sing along with your running music, especially if you have a lot of Snoop, Dre, and Eminem in your playlist.

10. Snoop, Dre, and Eminem make for good running music. So does some old school head banging rock.

11. I sweat like a dude.

12. One should really eat after running 11 miles. You may pass out or be completely clumsy all day if you don’t eat.

13. So, you don’t want to give me the bike lane to run? Okay, here, let me kick this rock at your car with my inefficient running style.

14. Just because I can’t hear anything but my music doesn’t mean others can’t hear me.

15. I get some of my best blog ideas while running.

I’m sure I had plenty more observations. I mean I was out there for almost two hours. Ten days til race day. Bring it.

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