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Little Man knows he’s different. He knows the label used to describe him is “autistic”. I’m not sure he knows precisely what that means but he has the words. He knows he sees things differently, hears things differently, feels things differently, responds differently. We continually affirm we realize life is hard for him, that he faces challenges getting through each day. But we also reassure him he is gifted in so many ways and that in the long run, he’s going to be amazing and do great things.

The other day, driving home from school, he excitedly told me he had something to show me. He pulled out a fortune he’d pulled at school. It read, “Your Road to Glory Will Be Rocky But Fulfilling.” He said to me, “That’s my life isn’t it?” I almost had to pull over the car for the tears forming. He’s hearing us. And he gets it.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that fortune. There really is no better way to describe his life. His days are difficult. School is better but I can still see him mentally putting on his armor as he gets out of the car and walks onto the playground every morning. He is a brilliant boy with an amazing mind. He has a bright future, we just need to get there. The road is going to be rocky. But I am completely convinced there will be glory, lots and lots of glory.

2 thoughts on “Fortune

  1. Wow. That’s marvelous. I keep all the fortunes I get from fortune cookies, Christmas crackers, those arcade machines, etc. Now and then you get one that feels like the Universe is speaking directly to you. More power to Little Man!

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