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He has it managed

This morning, I saw another sign Little Man is in a good place once again. Whew, right?

Last night before he went to bed, I saw him grab his old soccer bag. In it, he put a clipboard and a pencil. I thought nothing of it. He does stuff like this every once in awhile. He’ll get something in his head and won’t let it go. We’ve learned to choose our battles and this was definitely not something I was worried about. Curious? Yes indeed-y. But not at all phased by it.

This morning, I only had to prod him twice to get him out of bed and into the bath. He woke up in a good mood, which doesn’t happen often, but again, I wasn’t phased by it. Sometimes, you just don’t question, you roll with it when it’s good. When it was time to go, I didn’t have to tell him three times to put the iPad down and get his things together. He responded the first time, and with a smile (and his soccer bag AND backpack), he walked out the door.

We were sitting in the drop-off line when it hit me….He has a field trip today….A field trip I am not chaperoning….A field trip for which he will have to ride the bus with 30 yelling fourth graders. I immediately went into panic and damage-control mode. I reminded him to take his headphones. He nodded his head.  I told him to try to sit with his teacher or one of his buddies. He nodded his head. I reminded him of his calming techniques should things start to go sideways. He looked at me and said, “Mom, I got this.” And so he does. (That’s not to say I still won’t be somewhat frazzled until I have him in my car this afternoon and know that everything went well)

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