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He’s more than that

It’s crazy the things that will knock you upside the head when you’re driving. We saw Little Man’s psych last night in follow-up to the Zoloft disaster. We decided to try a different anti-anxiety/anti-depressant. We really need to get his anxiety under control. While we know his ADHD meds exacerbate this issue, we know he can’t get through a school day without it and so we will try and try again to find what works and creates a good balance for him. I asked a couple of friends with spectrum kiddos if they’d had any experience with this med. They haven’t. I wasn’t frustrated with that but I was frustrated that while I have so many friends to reach out to, none of our paths with autism are the same.

And then it hit me on the way home from the grocery store. (granted this wasn’t really new information just processed differently) There’s a reason they call it a spectrum. There are as many experiences with autism as there are people who are autistic. No two are the same. Why? Because they are still individuals. He doesn’t fit into an autism box anymore than he fits into a “normal” box. While there are similarities and common themes, he is still a person, an individual and unique person. He won’t be exactly like anyone else who is autistic just because he is autistic. He is more than just his diagnosis.

So we will try, try and try again to find what is best for him, what works best for him. Sometimes that will be the same as another with his same diagnosis, but often it will be different, because he’s a person, an individual person.

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