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I should have known they’d take care of my baby

I’m struggling to focus today. I don’t even remember what I intended to write about today. Yeah, it’s Monday. We have a four-day weekend coming up and it seems my brain has fast-forwarded to there already.

Yes, I should have known they’d take care of my baby at school. I wasn’t too peeved over the situation from Friday afternoon of the harassing fifth grade boys. I think I realized in my heart the staff would manage it with flying colors. I emailed his teacher this morning just to let her in on what went down. Little Man didn’t know the boys’ names, nor whose class they are in, so I left it at making her aware something had gone on. When I dropped him at school, one of the SAI’s – specialized academic instructor – (the one who will be taking over his resource time) came to the car. She let me know they were aware and were looking into it.

I got to school at 11am as I do almost every Monday. I volunteer in his classroom with his reading group. The principal – an awesome lady – was at the front reception desk. She told me they’d found out who the boys were. She had spoken with them. They had to “park it” – not play at recess, and had to write apology notes to my guy. They’d been touching Jaws, which upset Little Man to the point of him crying, and were saying things/asking about his headphones. When the wheels come off for LM, it’s a downward spiral. I almost felt bad for those boys. I’m sure they had no clue what they were getting into. There were two girls who stepped in, kind of forming a barrier between the boys and LM. One of the girls asked the principal if LM is autistic “because (her) brother is autistic and it makes (her) sad.”

Before three hours of the school day were done, it had all been handled. I should have known. There are so many amazingly wonderfully caring people on staff there. So many of them know LM personally, know his situation, and have their eyes and ears out for him. They seem to love him, and have collectedly taken him under their wings. I should have known. I stood there as the principal was talking with me, telling me what had gone on and what had been done, tears forming in my eyes. We are so taken care of there. LM showed me one of the notes he got from one of the boys. I hope the boys will remember this. I think we can all learn something…you never know how your actions and words are going to affect someone on any given day. When it goes south, stop and apologize. It goes a long, long way.

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