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When or where do I feel most like myself?

NaBloPoMo day three….

(Are you already tired of reading about me? Because I’m getting tired of writing about me. These are getting more difficult!)There are many places I feel most like myself. I love being at the beach. It just calms me. Listening to the waves crash, watching the water move in and out, breathing the salty air. When I am calm, I can think and feel, rather than just react. The fast pace of our family life can be put aside. If I have a good book, it’s even better. 

I have never minded taking long road trips alone. There is something to be said about driving a good distance by yourself, music on (or off, whatever your preference), insulated inside the capsule of your vehicle. Long road trips for me usually include my road trip playlist, to which I sing along with, loudly, my big Starbucks cup with straw full of ice water, a stop at a fast food place along the way (this is just about the only time I ever eat fast food anymore), and some check-ins with family to let them know all is going well. I’ve done some of my best praying on long solo road trips. I’ve had some serious a-ha moments while cruising along the I-5 or I-8.  I like to invent stories for the drivers or families in the cars around me. And of course there’s always the game of Slug Bug which is so awesome when you’re playing it solo.

I feel most like myself sitting at this computer reading and writing.

I have a good core group of friends once again. Funny how life moves in seasons. You  never think you’re going to be in your forties still working out friends. But physical moves, and just plain old life draws people in and out. I actually have two groups…one in which all the girls live far away. We keep in touch on a daily basis via group text. They know me oh so well, good and bad. And yet they love me anyways, as I do them. I can truly be myself around them because I am secure in their acceptance. It’s mutual. My geographically-close group of friends has become that as well. Even when I disappear into my “cave” for a few days or weeks, I know they will be there when I’m ready to come back.

Where or when do you feel most like yourself?

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