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Blogging – Best or Worst?

Does blogging bring out your best or worst self?

Blogging brings it all out for me. This is my place to let it all out, so you do get the best and the worst….my hurts, my fears, frustrations, anger, heartbreak, anxieties, joys, pride, and love. It’s all here, good, bad, and ugly. I think my blog makes me be more honest with myself. I see my failures. It also forces me to see my wins. It makes me humble.

Blogging changes you. I find myself mentally blogging multiple times throughout each day, particularly when I’m running, or when I’m sitting in the car while the Princess is in dance class.  I think I experience things differently than before, because I know I have a place to come process whatever is going on. That’s good, and it’s bad. It’s good that I have a place to process, but it’s bad in that I often put off dealing with emotions until I’m here at this computer.

There are days when I should be out running or heading to the gym, doing laundry or washing dishes. Yet I find myself sitting here, reading other people’s words or writing my own. I can get lost in reading and writing. Then the kids get home and want to know if I’ve had time to go to the grocery store to pick up whatever, or if I’ve washed their PE clothes. Ummmmm……No, Momma was lost in the land of blogs and forgot. (Truthfully, I fudge and tell them I didn’t have time today, I’ll go tomorrow) Mother of the Year. Where’s my trophy?

I have learned from blogging and reading blogs. I’ve gained some training and racing tips. I’ve seen others’ perspectives and had my mind opened a bit. Our world has grown smaller and larger at the same time. There are many more places I want to visit. I’ve laughed and cried.  I have a list of books a mile long I want to read.

I’d have to say blogging has added more than it’s taken away.

2 thoughts on “Blogging – Best or Worst?

  1. Great question.
    For me it doesn’t bring a best or worst self, I make a conscious effort to just be me when I blog or comment on other blogs, for good or bad.
    It’s definitely had an effect on my life, like you said, thinking about something I want to post, or remembering something someone else wrote.

  2. Blogging helps me look at my good days and my bad days. It helps me find the comfort I can carry away, that I hope my readers will too. Good days are easy, if too rare. Hard days make for better stories and deeper subjects.

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