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Do You Have Any Other Concerns?

I’m telling you, if it’s random, it will happen to Little Man. We had an appointment with the dermatologist today because he’s developed a lump on his upper back/shoulder which is not going away on its own. Awesome, right? He was calm. We’ve been there before (we’re a spotty family and the pediatrician just covers her bases), and I have been prepping him for this appointment the last few days.

We arrived. I checked him in. We filled out the usual “why are you here?” form. Fairly quickly, they called him back. We saw a Fellow first. We go to Children’s so there are frequently medical students involved in the process. She took a look at the lump, explained what it was, and what would be the likely course of treatment (removal, but that’s a topic for another day). As she was walking out of the room to go get the doctor, she asked, “Do you have any other concerns?” I nearly laughed. I have about a thousand concerns about this child, but none of them pertinent to this conversation. I must be getting giddy because I’ve giggled probably three times since his appointment over the question. Hah!…Any concerns? She has no idea what’s going on in our lives right now, so I didn’t laugh out loud. I just simply said no and she walked out of the room.

He’s going back to school tomorrow. He will stay in the resource classroom all day for the balance of the week. Smart little cookie has figured out what to say to get that phone call home, and get out of school. They’re onto him now, not that we don’t have concerns or aren’t taking this seriously. He will be safe there in the resource room. And we’ll work through this. We have figured out all his crashes come after lunch. He’s fine all morning long. I have no idea what that means, but we’re going to work on determining the issue. I have already told him he’s going back to school tomorrow. He accepted it calmly. He was happy to hear he will be with his SAI all the time, rather than in his regular classroom. We’ve been given a couple of resources to follow up with and get more/get the right help for our Little Man. We’re okay. He’s okay. It will be okay.

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