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First off, Thank you WordPress for fixing whatever issue you had yesterday. Whew! Second, I  know I haven’t been writing nor reading many blogs lately. Life is just BUSY at the moment. The school year is determined to come sliding to the end, fast and furious, and not without bumps and bruises. Third, I realized, again, I need to ban Little Man from using my computer as he tends to snack while watching his videos, leaving my desk and keyboard covered in crumbs and whatnot. Ewwww. Four, what is it about the lavender scent that calms and soothes?

So, yeah, Mother’s Day is Sunday. With only one child left in elementary school, and he in the upper grade level, I don’t receive many handmade gifts anymore. It is one of those things that makes me miss that earlier stage, even though I truly love the phase we’re in now. But, Little Man came home from school the other day and proudly  handed me a card he had made in his speech session. It’s covered in flowers and butterflies. Inside it says: “Dear Mom, I love you because you are as sweet as love itself. Love, Little Man. The first part of the “I love you because” was pre-printed. He had to fill in the “why” part of the sentence. I’m sweet as love itself.

We’ve had our moments in recent months….moments we have both been reduced to tears, when I lost all patience with him and with myself, when we both felt the full impact of all his struggles. I’ve had days I’ve known I didn’t do my best by him. I have to tell myself as often as I tell him tomorrow is a new, fresh day, and yesterday is a memory we cannot change. Knowing he holds on to every little negative things that happens freaks me out…..I am terrified he’s going to remember every one of my failures with him. But then he surprises me with notes and cards like this. I know that underneath it all, he gets I’m doing my very best.

2 thoughts on “Carded

  1. The end of school is crazy! Field trips, requests for money for teacher gifts, field days, out of uniform days, etc. I can’t wait until school is out! And I’m glad you got a sweet little gift. You can’t beat those! 🙂

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