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Why no “fun runs”?

I have a lot of friends who participate in all those fun runs…You know, the mud runs, the ridiculous obstacle runs, neon runs, color runs, foam runs, zombie runs, etc, etc, etc. They do look rather entertaining, but you won’t see me signing up for one any time soon. I love all the photos…the tutu’s covered in mud, girlfriends helping each other over walls and through pits, white shirts covered in pretty pastel colors, neon lights glowing in the night. I cheer every one of them on, but I have no interest in participating in them myself.

I’m not a running snob. My choice has nothing to do with that at all (I recently commented to another blogger that I still consider myself a running hack, and a running hack simply cannot also be a running snob). I have two reasons for not doing any of the fun runs.

First off, I really, really, really, really hate being dirty. Nothing about crawling through mud sounds fun or exciting to me, not even when I’m doing it with friends. Losing your shoes in a mud pit? No thanks. The thought of anyone throwing colored powder/chalk on me while I’m running? Also a big “no thanks”. It’s not for me. Same goes for foam. And as for those obstacle courses? Did  you know you have to sign a waiver before running them? Did you know you get a mild electrical shock in one obstacle? I have enough trouble just running, much less add that to the mix. In addition to the dirty thing, I have an awful fear of falling while I’m running. If there are zombies chasing me, people throwing things at me, slippery foam being sprayed on me, or  muddy feet involved, you can be sure I’d be going down. It just adds to the odds I will fall. I am the avoidance type.

Second issue – while I truly enjoy races, I have a rough time paying a decent chunk of money to go run what is typically a short, fast run in my schedule. There are some good charities out there for which I will pay to run a 5K. Those tend to be straight runs though with no mud, foam, color, or obstacles thrown in. I have a hard enough time wrapping my brain around paying the $80-120 for the half marathons I’ve run. I don’t get excited about paying $35-50 to do my normal Tuesday or Saturday 5k.

I may change my mind at some point. I’m sure one or more of my friends will harass me into a fun run at some point. I’ve avoided the mud runs for the last four years or so. I will probably have a weak moment sometime, and I’ll find myself wearing a tutu, covered in mud, with shoes that have been left behind in a muddy pit midway through the race.

2 thoughts on “Why no “fun runs”?

  1. I have done quite a few, they are a blast! But I read an article recently about all the bacteria in the mud etc. and being a total germaphobe. Ew. I am seriously reconsidering Spartan in the Fall!

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