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Oh yes, the end is near

We have three more school days until our summer begins. THREE DAYS!!!! I’m excited. Two of the three kids are excited. Little Man is getting more anxious by the day. Dang it. I knew this was coming, but so wanted to believe we would make it through to the end this year without any meltdowns.

The other day, he quietly told me he doesn’t want to the school year to end. He doesn’t want to leave Mrs. W’s room. He said he is sad he won’t be able to help her anymore, and he will miss her. She’s a great teacher, but after the year we’ve all had, I was kind of surprised to hear him say this. He’s spent much of the year telling me he didn’t want to go to school any more.

It’s the change that is stressing him out. We will have a huge departure from the school routine. We have a couple of trips scheduled, family coming to visit, and the usual beach days and pool parties. It will take him a few weeks to adjust to the summer schedule, just in time for me to start preparing him to go back to school. It’s a never-ending process. He has been checking in with me more, even when we’re at home. He will come find me, give me a hug, tell me he loves me, and then be off again. I get it’s a security thing for him. I will do what I can to give him as much structure as possible. He craves that. It does make my life easier too.

Jaws has been going to school with him every day the last two weeks. He typically carries that thing around with him at home now too. That’s an indicator to me of some stress for him.

I picked him up from school early today. He called me from the front office at noon. They’d had an assembly this morning, play practice, the 5th grade vs staff softball game, and then all his crayons fell out of the box. The wheels came off, and he couldn’t pull it back together. So he’s home. He missed meeting his pen pal from the retirement community down the street. He didn’t care….his anxiety level was that high. It took him ten minutes of sitting in fetal position on the couch to settle down. He’s now happily playing with his Legos, calm, although his fast-breathing episodes are going on.

Three more school days….we will manage. The end is in sight.

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