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Last fall, I noticed a mark on Little Man’s upper back/shoulder. It looked like a tiny, pin-point bruise, dark, and underneath the skin. Hmmmm….maybe a blood blister? I couldn’t imagine what it might be,  much less where it had come from. He does seem to hold to the theory, “If it’s random, it’s going to happen to me.” I decided to keep an eye on it for a bit, see if it grew, changed, or went away.

A couple of months later, he said it was hurting him when he had his backpack on. It hadn’t changed in appearance, but the pain complaint was new. I decided it was time to have it checked out. Of course, we had to take the long road of seeing his primary pediatrician first, obtaining the referral to the specialist (dermatology), wait months for an appointment which lasted 10 minutes, then schedule another appointment down at Children’s main to have it removed.

Today is removal day. Spouse picked Little Man up about 90 minutes ago to take him – along with Jaws the stuffed shark, and the Lego movie on the iPad. My anxiety coupled with Little Man’s anxiety would have amounted to a need for a general anesthesia procedure. This is just supposed to be a local and a punch-out of the cyst. We thought it best Daddy take him.

I’m sitting at home waiting. Little Man has been a mess since last night. He’s had his good moments today….I tried to keep his mind off of it. There were tears last night. Today, he’d be humming along, then I would hear his breathing escalate, and he would ask a question about what was coming. I promised him if he made it through without freaking out, we would talk about a special prize later. Dad promised a Slurpee. I’m anxiously awaiting their return home, hoping and praying he was able to keep it together long enough for the doctor to remove the cyst. I’m left again wondering why the random stuff happens to my one kid least able to handle it?


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