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Structure, how we love thee

Little Man has been pretty happy lately. Oh, we have our moments, but we always have our moments. He’s just happier. School is going well. He hasn’t cried in class, hasn’t had to go to the resource room since the first day of school. I’m hearing him laugh more frequently. He’s generally in a decent mood.

I’m chalking it up to being back in school. His days are very ordered. We follow a specific routine. Our weeks are back to normal. I’ve been able to use the white board outside his room to let him know what’s coming, but for the most party, we follow the same schedule every week. His days at school have moved past those first getting-to-know you days, and are now on a schedule also. His teacher, while laid back, is structured, calm, and successful at managing kids like my littlest.

All of these things combined create the perfect recipe for a generally happy little boy. We need this good place. Summer was really fun, but there wasn’t much structure, and almost no routine except for camp weeks. He survived, and did decently well, but he is just much more functional and relaxed now that we are back in school. Structure makes us happy.

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