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“This is gonna hurt a little.”

With the Herd back in school, summer at an end, and surgery recovery completely complete, I am back on the taking-care-of-me wagon. That means I’m back to eating healthy and (yikes!) exercising. Oh, trust me, I am very happy to be out running again, back in Pilates class, and returning to the gym (there’s entertaining people-watching there). Oh, how I have missed waving at my fellow runners, trying to avoid old lady drivers who seem to particularly hate road runners, dodging trash trucks, watching treadmill dancers, and almost falling off the reformer at every Pilates class.

Let’s be honest, though….beginning an exercise regimen again hurts like the devil. I am sore all over. I still have those t-rex arms I complained about last week. My right calf has recovered from its cramping spell last Thursday, but both legs feel a bit like lead after 5-mile runs Monday and today, along with Pilates yesterday (that teacher was good, but OUCH!). I have to roll over and fall out of bed to stand up. Going up and down the stairs requires much handrail-holding. And I wouldn’t be mad if someone installed those handicapped bathroom bars in my bathroom.  My evenings – when all the kids are home and settled – pass in 15 minute increments of ice on/ice off. Mornings, I torture myself with foam-roller sessions. Every. Thing. Hurts.

Don’t get me started on the food situation. I spent the summer eating what I wanted, when I wanted, in whatever amount I wanted. Trust me, there were some bad choices. Not good at all when you’re a 40+ year old mom who has to take 6 weeks off of doing any type of exercise. While I’m not counting calories, I am making those smarter choices. I’ve learned I have to say no to all the treats for awhile until control has been regained. I am back to apples, broccoli, or almonds for my afternoon snack. And my wine bottle opener is wondering where I’ve gone. My scale completely died two weeks ago, which saved me the trouble of chucking it out the window anyways. I don’t want this journey to be about a number, but rather about returning to a healthier, happier me.

It’s going to hurt a little for the next few weeks. It’s so much easier to sit down with a couple of cups of coffee, watching the Today Show after the kids are dropped at school than it is to put on the running shoes and head out the door. The glass of wine after the kids have gone to bed calls to me. The cookies, chips, and ice cream the kids snack on would really taste so, so good. This isn’t forever, though. I’ll get back to healthy and happy, and then some moderation will be in order.

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