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Doesn’t everyone almost cry at Back to School night?

No? Just me? Sigh…..

Yes, I almost started silently crying at Back to School night for Little Man last night. First off, he’s my youngest, and it’s our last year at this school (I may have mentioned that previously). This was our last  Back to School night at this school. I’m pretty much a hot, weepy mess for every school event this year. Thinking of leaving this awesome, safe, comfortable, and comforting place pushes me over the edge. This is just one more piece of evidence my babies are growing up.

I was happy with the teacher selection for Little Man this year. We’ve never had this teacher before, but we’ve always heard good things, very good things. Then as I sat at Little Man’s desk last night listening to the teacher describe how he runs his classroom, how he feels about teaching, what he thinks about and how he has learned to relate to ten-year-olds, I got choked up. I’ve always trusted in the process as far as placing my kiddos with their teachers. I’ve trusted the teachers and staff to know what and who will be best for my children. We’ve never been put in even a remotely-questionable situation. I sat there last night realizing again how well they know my kid, and that he has been placed with the perfect teacher for him.

We are nearly two weeks into this school year. Outside of the first day, which involved one breakdown and trip to the resource room, Little Man has been awesome. He hasn’t fought going to school one morning. He has woken up in a good mood every day but one. His report every afternoon is “good.” No more tears, no more breakdowns. When I drop him off in the mornings, he doesn’t have that look of panic, nor can I see him mentally putting on his armor for the day. I have yet to check in with his teacher, but he seems to be holding his own. Dare I hope we have turned a corner? Or are we still in that fabulous honeymoon period for this year? I don’t want to be the one holding my breath. I want to believe he truly is doing that much better. We both need the hope. We, through no fault of ours, the teacher, nor the staff, were pretty beat up by the end of last year. Everyone did everything they could, it was just one of those things…a perfect storm of a medication need, a hormone surge, and his need for more help. We have all that now. I’m going to say it out loud…..between giving him what he needed, and having this teacher, this year is going to be good. And yes, even that is going to make me cry.

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