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Be Brave

I had every plan to write about “Awareness” today, but you should know it’s a sign when you try twice to start a post before heading out the door to run errands and your computer freezes up.

Little Man’s school is doing an Apex Fun Run fundraiser next week. This is their second year doing the event, and they incorporate a health and fitness fair into the morning. I have to say, this is my favorite fundraiser we’ve ever done through school, second only to the book fair, because, well, books and reading. Anyways, the fundraising people are on campus every day for the week or so leading up to the run.  The kids get instant gratification in that as soon as their pledges reach a certain level, they get that prize the next morning. And the Apex people get to know the kids, encouraging them, interacting with them. It’s just exciting for the students. Last year, upon finding out it was Little Man’s birthday, the main guy handed over his watch. It was one of the prizes, but it made my guy’s day completely. He still calls it Captain Craig’s watch.

This year, the kids get a bracelet each day, in line with whatever the motivational theme of the day might be. Yesterday, LM came home with a Find Your Strengths bracelet. Today, he got in the car with a green bracelet that says, “Be Brave.” I told him I might have to steal it.  We talked about how appropriate it is for both of us since it takes bravery to live this life.

Since my sister passed over five years ago, after a five year war with cancer, Be A Brave Girl has been one of my mantras, thanks to a story her daughter told us. As soon as Little Man got in the car, and the Be Brave bracelet caught my eye, I thought of her. He got home and opened his bag of incentives prizes. Instead of a rubber band around the poster, there was another Be Brave bracelet. He quickly handed it over to me. Yay!

Life throws a lot at all of us. Some days, that’s easier to take than others. There are days I’m hanging on by a thin thread, days when the negative thoughts, the pain, the fear of dealing with a special needs kiddo overtake everything else. There are days I nearly give up. There are days I totally win. It takes courage to get through life. We all need to remember to be brave, whether we are called to be brave in smiling at the person coming towards us in the grocery store, starting a new career, moving to a new place, making new friends, writing a book, running a half marathon, or advocating for our special needs baby.

Be brave. Go ahead. I dare you.

4 thoughts on “Be Brave

  1. Wise and true words. It takes a lot to be brave. We did a family 5k a few weeks ago for Alzheimer’s (both my husband’s grandmother and my grandmother fought this debilitating disease). I was glad my boys participated – they never met their grandmothers, but I felt that this brought them a little close to them both.
    And you are so right, it takes a lot of courage and bravery to get through life.

  2. Gotta get me one of those bracelets. A friend just lost his mother. My mother has gone in for medical tests. They’re routine, but she afraid of them. I can see why. She’s 78. One day, maybe soon, I’ll be in my friend’s place. Thank you for today’s dose of comfort and motivation.

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