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A non-rant rant

I had myself all worked up for a good rant. I even posted a status on Facebook with the start of my rant. I had HUGE plans for a solid blog post regarding the subject of my rant. But alas, I’ve lost my steam. I was distracted by laundry, dishes, dinner prep, and the search for a weighted jacket – not a vest, a jacket – for Little Man. Oh, yes, I could order one from the UK, to the tune of $200 (thanks, $80 courier shipping fees). I have a hard time wrapping my brain around $200 for a hoodie, with weights.

What was the subject of my rant, you ask? Oh, just the uncomplicated topic of what’s wrong with our society/culture, with particular regard to KK’s latest quest to “break the internet.” I mean really, people…..Is that truly a life goal? Should it be an appreciable goal? I’m trying to have conversations with my daughter about taking care of herself, being herself, making something of herself, the importance of giving back, the humility in helping others, going to college, contributing to the good of society. All the while, her daily life is pounded by images, stories, people like this whose only skills seem to be the willingness to put their sordid lives out there. Not that I expect such people to think they are “role models” for our children. If they believe themselves so, we have bigger problems than I thought. (I guess my rant has begun again).

I have my own personal boycott going on over here. When I see them on television, I change the channel. I won’t buy those magazines sporting them on the covers.  I don’t read stories about them on the internet (although based upon this post, it may seem I do. It’s just been unavoidable the last few days). I don’t watch their shows on television. I don’t buy their product lines. I’m one person. I know it doesn’t matter to them. It matters to me, however. But why should I continue trying? They’re everywhere, them and people like them whose main goal in life is just to be famous, whatever that takes. Yes, I admire actors, actresses, comedians, musicians, pundits, writers, athletes. They all have skills, they do something worthy of admiration. Granted lately many of them haven’t been shown to make the most awesome choices in life. That’s a blog for another day.
I’m not sure where I’m going with this. It just struck me as I sat here researching site after site for something that will help my ASD child in his daily life, and my screens kept filling up with links, stories, and clicks to this particular family, that our culture has gotten so off track.  I’m trying to deal with a real issue, and she’s trying to break the internet. Can we focus here people? If we spent half our energy on stuff that matters, maybe we would have a health system that actually helps, an education system that doesn’t leave our kids towards the bottom of the pack when it comes to science and math, veterans who didn’t have to wait months or even years to be seen, homeless who could get off the streets. Maybe if we stopped spending time looking at pictures of someone’s butt, we would regain a bit of the class our culture used to have and start honoring people who deserve to be honored.

3 thoughts on “A non-rant rant

  1. Thank you! I couldn’t care less about that family. I don’t understand at all why anyone watches their shows, cares about their clothes or the size of their butts, or who they are dating or married to. I have the same boycott… thought I was alone on this island.

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