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Injury woes

A week ago Saturday, I started out on my 7-mile training run. There was pain from the very first step in my right hip and right knee. I had weakness and pain pushing off, and pain on impact. I struggled on, fully believing it would loosen up and I would be fine. After re-starting from a stop light rest, the pain only intensified. Frustrated, I stopped. The pain didn’t stop. I was 1.43 miles away from home. I made the slow walk home, where I promptly fell apart.

I’ve spent the last ten days resting, icing, elevating, and taking some anti-inflammatories.  It still hurts. I tried jogging a few steps yesterday, just going to get the mail. ARGH! I still have the weakness on push-off, and pain on impact. I withdrew from my February 7th race, and I’m so bummed.

Starting the year off with an unknown injury bites. I’m feeling limited. I’m feeling anxious. I have fitness and health goals for the year.  It feels this injury will only hold me back. I realized I hate not being able to run. There are a LOT of runners in our neighborhood. I am jealous every time I see one of them out there running.  I have new running gear waiting to be tested. On top of all that, I’m worried. I have no idea what’s causing the pain, whether it’s my hip or knee. Maybe just a sciatic flare? Pinched nerve? Whatever is going on, I’m not a fan and I’m kind of stressed out. With no improvement after 10 days, I know it’s probably time to call the doctor, but I’m living in denial land at the moment.

I’m taking suggestions for non-impact workouts which don’t involve walking or putting full weight on my right leg. I’m still frustrated, but determined not to let this injury hold me back.

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