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Why this blog isn’t just about autism

I was talking with someone about  my blog the other day, and openly admitted we might have more followers if we were more focused on one topic, whether that be autism, prematurity, or parenting in general. My intent was never to have a huge audience for just one topic, but rather to write about our chaotic life as it stands, which includes prematurity, autism, parenting in general, running (to help deal with all of the above), and just, well, life as a suburban, stay-at-home  mom.

There are seasons autism overtakes our entire household. There are seasons my heart is wrapped up in memories of our preemie’s dramatic entry. There are seasons – particularly lately – parenting teenagers consumes my brain. Each of my children has a story. They are each unique, and thus deserving of my time and attention. Our family isn’t about just one thing or another, and since this blog is more of a journal than an advocate for one specific topic, my writing covers all the bases of our lives.

I read lots of autism blogs. I greatly admire those writers. They have huge followings. Sometimes it gets me thinking, “Hey, I could do that.” But what it comes down to is this….I don’t want to. I think part of it is fear; fear that if I write about just autism, it will take over my life. It’s overwhelming as it is. And I never want my other two children to feel their roles were secondary. Their stories are just as important, play just as big a part as that of Little Man. I don’t ever want them to feel I didn’t give voice to them.

This choice may make my blog less attractive. It is scattered sometimes, but it’s a true picture of our lives, which involves all three of my children’s stories, as well as my own.

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