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Mom on strike

“I can’t find my…”

“Have you seen……”

“I don’t see…..(whatever it is they’re looking for which is 99.9% likely to be right in front of their faces)”

“I don’t have any clean……”

“I need such-n-such for my school project, which is due tomorrow” (typically stated at 7pm or later)

“I  need you to…..”

“When you go to the store, get…..”

“I don’t want to eat that!”

All of the above stated or asked while shoes lay in the floor, backpacks are scattered down the hallway, bedrooms are impassable, laundry lay all over the couch, dirty dishes they’ve used pile up in the sink, dogs and cats whine to be fed, and not one phone charger is in the drawer where it’s supposed to be.

I will admit, I can, and frequently do, nag with the best of them. I hate it. I hate asking over and over to get things done. I hate threatening to take things away unless they comply. I hate feeling nothing will happen if I don’t harass them to no end. Mostly, I hate feeling I’m their invisible servant, here strictly to cater to and clean up after them. I’m firmly considering going on strike. But there needs to be good rules so I don’t end up with more work at the end of the mom strike. How do you get your family to appreciate all you do? How do you get them to not take you for granted? This truly is one of the most frustrating parts of being a stay at home mom, and it’s on days like this I strongly consider getting a real job in the “outside world” again. It’s not as if I’ve done everything for them since birth. They have chores. They have responsibilities. I don’t typically cater to their every whim. But lately, things seem to be out of hand.

I will be away this weekend. They’ll have to fend for themselves. Of course that means work for me going into the weekend, making sure carpools are covered, the Princess gets to and from the studio for her classes, the boys are given their medications, there’s food they will all eat in the house. It will be good for them to not have me around a few days. But I know I will come home to a disaster. How did my children get to be this age without ever seeming to learn how to pick up after themselves?

So, back to this mom strike thing. I’m taking suggestions for rules. This momma has had enough. It’s time the Herd had a come-to-Jesus moment.

3 thoughts on “Mom on strike

  1. Wow! Sure been there! Still contemplate striking occasionally, but never have the time to. Ha. My kids are older and still not as independent as I’d like. We’ve tried the “family talks” and punishments ranging from grounding to loss of privileges. I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but I’ve even tried to make them feel guilty for taking me for granted. All wasted energy. In the end, the only fix I’ve come up with is waiting for them to move out and figure out for themselves how much has been done for them. One out, three to go. Still not giving up though. My saving grace is reminding myself how empty my life was before I had them to brighten it.

  2. I feel this way far too often!! But take it from me on one little thing: having a job outside the home doesn’t make things any better, because you still have all the responsibilities of the Mom job, no matter what.
    But hey, if you do go on strike, and it results in actual clean rooms and completed chores, pleeeeeease tell me every detail so I can give it a try!!!! 🙂

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