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Funny cat videos? Yes, please!

I’m going to come clean  here….I do often watch funny cat (and dog) videos. I follow a blog that posts photos and videos multiple times a day. I don’t spend all day searching for videos on YouTube, but when I come across posts, I will check them out. I don’t feel the least bit guilty. And if it’s a good one, I call all the Herd over to watch.

When your days are full of running a household, parenting, teenagers, and managing life with a special needs kid, lots of stress results. On those days where it all seems overwhelming, a funny cat video or photo lifts the mood, makes me smile/laugh, and generally makes me feel a little bit better. We all have our stress-relievers. This one has become mine.

The videos help Little Man as well. If he’s amping up his anxiety level, I’ll pull up one of the videos, and he’s soon giggling. For at least a few moments, he is calm and can focus on his tools to manage his anxieties. Win-win. One of his favorites is the Funny Talking Animals on the BBC channel. It’s become part of our vocabulary.

What’s your guilty pleasure, or go-to mood lifter? Are you a funny cat video aficionado?

3 thoughts on “Funny cat videos? Yes, please!

  1. Actually I love looking through home videos or old pictures. They always cheer me up. When things are tough, I look back at the beautiful memories that we have as a family & come out of my funk quickly. My child also like funny pet videos though. She loves some of the Vine videos out there. They are pretty funny.

  2. My granddaughters (aged 4 and 8) and I love the “Simon’s cat” cartoon videos. The little one wants to be a vet, and would spend all day watching animal videos on my computer if I let her. I’m going to check out the Funny Talking Animals on the BBC America. I know my girls would love them.

    Our home is pretty crazy, with three adults, two girls, and the world’s best (and laziest) lab mix dog, juggling three work schedules, school for both girls, as well as dance lessons and sports. My most guilty pleasure has to be video games on my computer, followed closely by blogging, reading, and scrapbooking Life is good! – Fawn

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