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What did you do today?

Ever since I stopped working five years ago, my days have been full of being wife/mom/homemaker….Target/grocery/Costco trips, cleaning, laundry, cooking, volunteering at school, volunteering with the March of Dimes, gym time, running, etc. Most days fly by, and often I can’t remember what all I accomplished during the day, because, well, they all kind of blend together. So when the Spouse gets home at night and asks the dreaded question, “What did you do today?” I kind of freak out. ARGH!!! Some days, that answer is long and sounds super impressive. Sometimes I get that dog-who-heard-something-strange look/head angle as I try to think back. Some days, the answer seems rather pathetic. And then there are the days that slip away as I sit here reading and writing.

Today (TODAY!!), I have the “Wow, you were super mom” answer…..volunteer in the classroom (5th grade math, anyone?), Pilates class, lunch and some hot tub time with a few friends, picked up Little Man, picked up Big Man, the Princess and Neighbor boy, drove Big Man to golf, picked up the Princess from home and took her to the studio, back down to the golf course to pick up Big Man, and then home for a little bit. Spouse is having supreme mercy and bringing sushi home as I’m chugging coffee at 5pm trying desperately to stay awake. In 90 minutes, I’ll leave again to go pick up the Princess. There’s still laundry and dishes to manage, but my pillow is already screaming my name.

Long and short of it is, yes, I stay home and don’t work in an office. No, I do not sit around watching television and eating bon bons all day. I don’t have time. I have a FitBit and can typically reach those 10,000 steps without going to the gym.

I love the days I have a long answer to the question. It makes me feel like I can – and often do – say  “So there!” as if I have to prove the worth of me being at home. And that’s my own insecurity talking. Maybe that’s why I hate the question so much.

If you’re a mom, do you stay home? Do you get the question at the end of each day too?

3 thoughts on “What did you do today?

  1. I am a working mom now, but did stay home for the first 13 months. This is the worst possible question a husband could ask. It may just be general interest, but it always seems to come off as an accusation more than anything. It is true thought that some days we are a super star & others… well not so much. It is all good. Sometimes us mommies just need to do nothing.

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