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What does concern me

I have sat quietly watching the current, inflamed debate over childhood vaccinations. I’m a serious conflict-avoider. I won’t get into that discussion now, as I don’t particularly feel like being chewed up and spit back out. I have my own personal soap box based upon our experiences in the NICU. Suffice it to say, my children are all vaccinated (please, no blasting me for “filling my kids with chemicals”…..I’ve seen the alternatives via our three-month NICU stay, and watching your child on life support for months, then knowing he is medically fragile for years following will affect the way you see things).

There was a story on our local news last night of a mom complaining her unvaccinated child was losing friends, having people cancel play dates, etc. Our area has suffered some fallout from the Disneyland measles outbreak. I got fired up as the story gave background on the measles, the vaccination discussion, and then proceeded to the interview with the mom. I will allow parents have the choice – for this post anyways – but I also have a choice. And guess what? The health and safety of my children trumps any parent’s need for their unvaccinated child to have a play date. There you have it. I’m sorry your kid is sad. I’m sorry you’re feeling alienated. But I won’t risk my child’s health. I simply won’t do it.

I have two children with asthma – one resulting from being born entirely too soon, and one genetically so. They are high risk when regular stuff is going around such as the flu and strep. When measles or chicken pox start rolling through school, I freak out. So you can bet if your child isn’t vaccinated when there’s an outbreak, my kid will not be hanging with your kid.

I’m not blasting people who don’t vaccinate. Do what you think is best for your family. But allow me my choice for my family, knowing that choice might put a temporary hiatus to our kids’ play time together.

7 thoughts on “What does concern me

  1. It is a hard place to be. My step-son’s vaccines were not up to date when he came down with the measles last year while visiting us. I had no idea about his vaccines and my concern for my 9 month old daughter at the time was truly overwhelming as well as my concern for our son. Just stressful all around. Way to vaccinate, not because it was the right thing to do but because you did what you believed was right.

  2. I’m proud of you for standing up for your children. You’re right. The debate shouldn’t be over your medical preferences. It should solely depend on the needs of your own child. I’m afraid political correctness is causing parents to make decisions that are not in the best interest of the only people that should matter to them: their kids. Hats off to you. We need more moms who think like you.

  3. I’m not a blaster, I’ll just say I totally agree with you. I’m not going to tell anyone how to parent their children, but I maintain the right to protect my own from whatever I chose, whether it be poor manners, bad behavior, or unvaccinated kids.
    PS: I’m sorry your children have a susceptibility, that must be scary at times. 😦

  4. Hi Donna. Popped over from our interaction on Linda’s blog. In the UK when my two were of the vaccinating age we had a lot of scare mongering about the MMR jab causing autism, based on research now discredited. We folowed vaccination, since my dad was left deaf in an ear by measles so we weren’t taking chances. Several parents did. I thought them both misguided and selfish because of the risks of infecting others. It didn’t Impact play dates back then ( mid 1990s) but then they were all thrown together at school so I guess the risk was there anyway. I don’t blame you from throwing a wall of protection around your kids, esp. Premie given the inhanced concern. And don’t get me onto those nutters in Pakistan who are preventing the world being polio free by threatening doctors who are trying to promote vaccination.

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