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Over a month

On Wednesday, I charged up my FitBit for the first time in months, and slapped that baby on my wrist. I was motivated yesterday to get all my steps in, so I headed out for a walk late in the morning. My leg was tight in the beginning, and the hip/knee somewhat painful, but it all quickly loosened up.  It felt good being outside again.

It’s been over a month since my last run. Yes, I’m going a bit crazy.  I’ve reached the point I’d like to trip every person I see out running, just out of pure jealousy. Do they know how lucky they are to be able to run? I started seeing a chiropractor a few weeks ago. It has helped my hip joint a bit. There’s definitely more movement. And my hips feel level for the first time in years.  Being the impatient person I am, I wanted to test the leg out yesterday. I haven’t attempted to even run down the hall since December 28th. It only took about three running steps to figure out I’ve made zero progress towards running again. My  hip and knee both still hurt upon impact, and on pushing off. Pushing and pulling both hurt. I can walk with barely-noticeable discomfort, but if I try to run even one step, it’s kick-you-in-the-gut painful. Sigh.

I keep getting notifications of upcoming races. Each one makes me sad. I have no idea at this point when I’ll be able to run down the street, much less train for a race. It’s very depressing. And it’s making me kind of an angry, not nice person. I’ve been doing other things…..walking, weight training, yoga, Pilates….but it isn’t the same. Not one of those things gives me the same feeling as running. I have to work twice as long as when I am able to run.  It’s disheartening. I’m cranky and I know it.

It’s probably time to call the regular M.D. and have it checked out, get some x-rays, maybe an MRI. I’ve been trying to avoid going down that road, worried another surgery is looming, or that some doctor will tell me I won’t ever be able to run again, at least without crazy pain. I haven’t seen enough improvement to continue down the path I’m currently taking.

Injuries suck.  I hate them. I have no patience for being limited. So wish me luck, and recovery. I need to be on the road again, soon.

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