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How something good becomes bad, and then ends up being good again

Oh the joy of anxiety….so much fun. Yesterday was Global School Play Day.  Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like, and trust me, I’m fully on board with the idea. At Little Man’s school yesterday, for a full hour at the end of the school day, the students played. They just played.  They were encouraged the day before to bring in a game or favorite toy to share and play with. Awesome idea. I mean, don’t you remember playing when you were in elementary school? Our kids don’t get much of that anymore. I’ll leave that soapbox for another day.

Little Man was really excited about GSPD, seriously excited. He spent a couple hours deciding which toy/game to take to school. He talked and talked about what he and his friends were planning to do.  He was happy, which, when you see it happen, is such an awesome thing.  He was in a great mood, looking forward to this fun event.

Then bedtime came Tuesday night. That good thing became an overwhelming, anxiety-provoking thing. He couldn’t wait for 1:30 Wednesday afternoon. He began to perseverate, so worked up that sleep evaded him. Then the tears began. Anything out-of-the-norm, any break from routine usually spells disaster, even when he knows it’s coming. It felt like Christmas Eve all over again. We talked.  I lay in his bed with him for half an hour, helping him reach a calm place. Finally, he slept.

When I picked him up from school yesterday, he was calm and happy. I asked him about GSPD. It went well. He had a great time. I asked him what he’d played.  He had played one game with one friend, as they’d planned, and then he, “played Legos with some of (my) friends.” Did you see that? “some of my friends”…..That was what struck me the most of the entire process. You see, he typically has two or three friends at most. It’s difficult for him to make friends. But this year, he seems to have found his own.  He’s talking with more classmates, as least per his reports. It seems he is engaging more, participating more.  That one sentence made me so happy.  He had fun. He held it together the entire day leading up to GSPD time.  Something good had become bad, but then ended up good again. We’re getting there.

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