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No, I haven’t read it

Confession time….I haven’t read Fifty Shades of Grey. This coming from someone who used to be rather a connoisseur of trashy novels (don’t judge….once you’ve spent years earning a Literature degree, it takes awhile to read anything more than brain candy without twitching). But no, I haven’t read it. I don’t plan on reading it. I’ve heard the grammar and writing style are not awesome. That’s what kept me away to start. Then I heard some of the content, and decided it wasn’t for me.

I didn’t get involved in the uproar over who would play Christian in the movie, although it’s been fun to watch the conversations. It didn’t matter to me. I had more issues with Ben Affleck playing the lead in Gone Girl. Don’t get me wrong….I love Ben, in the right time and place, but not that role. Watched it, he did a decent job, he just wasn’t at all what I pictured. But I digress.

The previews have been somewhat tantalizing. Who isn’t intrigued by a wealthy, handsome young man getting involved with a “normal” girl? But I won’t be standing in line to see it opening night (even if you could get tickets at this point…Fandango says they’re sold out). I won’t run out to buy the book (nor order it for my Kindle so no one can see what I’m reading). Do I feel guilty for avoiding the book and movie? Nah. Do I feel I’m  missing out on something that will hold strong pop culture threads? Not really, in all honesty. I didn’t watch any of the Twilight movies either, and only read the first book because it was a book club choice. No, I didn’t really like it. Let the comments flow. 😉 I don’t feel I’m missing anything by not reading Fifty Shades, nor seeing the movie, although I’m pretty sure at least one of my friends will try to talk me into at least watching it when it comes out on dvd.

Have you read it? What did you think? Would you recommend it? Are you going to see the movie?

Happy Friday blog world!

13 thoughts on “No, I haven’t read it

  1. Let’s just say the movie can’t be worse than the book. But that doesn’t mean I would spend more than… wait, I wouldn’t go if someone paid me to. Never mind.
    I tortured myself through all three books and spent more time looking at the ceiling (both rolling my eyes and praying for strength to go on) than I did actually consuming the book. Yet like with all train wrecks, I couldn’t look away.
    So I wrote a condensed version in E.L. James “literary” (and I use that term loosely) voice. You can find it here and read it in under 30 seconds. I called it “50 Shades of Saving Paper.” https://neverendingstorydepository.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/day-2-prompt-50-shades-of-saving-paper/ I swear to God, that’s how she writes.
    Alternately, if you don’t mind 50 amusing shades of cuss words, you can read an roll-up-on-the-floor-hilarious review, chapter by painful chapter, here: http://bizzybiz.blogspot.ca/p/the-50-shades-reviews.html It’s incredibly accurate and describes to a tee what I felt while I read the trilogy. In fact, everyone should read this review and skip the books entirely.

  2. Fifty shades of a waste of time! Didn’t read it. Won’t see the movie either. My movie time is too sacred. I’m saving my ticket for something far most interesting like a new Dr. Seuss movie. Sitting here listening to Bob Marley singing Three Little Birds being reminded that we need to do things that make us happy. That book would not be one. Sorry Mr. Shady Gray! Haha.

  3. I agree completely. I read the first book in the “Twilight Saga.” Oh boy, was that bad. When I heard that 50 Shades of Gray had originally been Twilight fanfic, that right there crushed the slightest possibility that I might have read the first book, much less all three. And oh yes, bring on Capt. America!

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