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Oh, those accents!

I was vaguely listening to the news the other morning, and they mentioned an article on Aol about the sexiest accents in the world. You can read the article here .  I have lived in California my entire life. We don’t really have any accent here, unless you count Valley Girl a la 80’s, or the people who move here from other places, of which there are many.  I guess if you’re from somewhere else, you would say we have an accent, but I digress.

The article says the British accent is considered, via poll, the most attractive in the world. I’d have to say I’d agree with those polled. Seriously, who doesn’t want to listen to Mr. Darcy all day long? I do think that’s one of the draws for women to go see the 007 movies, and one small reason why teenage girls loved Harry Potter. That doesn’t even cover Hugh Grant,  Jude Law, or Colin Firth (lord, but that man just keeps getting sexier). I’m sure if you live in the UK, it may not have the same effect (please chime in here, my UK friends).

Southern accents get me too. My maternal grandmother was a transplanted southern woman. I loved to hear her talk, even though most of her accent had dissipated by the time I could remember. But she taught me about what it was to be southern, and what southern gentlemen were like.  Maybe it’s in my genes, but when I hear a man from the south talk, I kinda melt a bit. The first time I saw Gone With the Wind, I’d found home. And Matthew McConaughey, he can come talk to me all day, any day. Aussie accents? Yes, please! It seems Major League Baseball has had an influx of Australians. I didn’t realize it until I was watching a post-game interview with Grant Balfour. Took me a hot minute to realize he had an accent, and which accent it was. Yay Australia!  Travis Blackley is another one. Neither play for the A’s anymore, but I still follow them. A bunch of the novels I’ve read in the last year have been based in Australia. Now I can imagine what the characters sound like. I didn’t even get to the Irish accent yet. Some day, I will go visit Ireland. I’ll just close my eyes, and listen to everyone talk. What’s your favorite accent?

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