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Her heart

During the appointment with the new psychiatrist the other day, the doctor asked Little Man how he gets along with his siblings.  He laughed, and then responded with regard to his big brother. He had nothing to say about his sister, which I took for good.  She does have tendency to  mother him and I often see her mirroring my actions to help manage and minimize the potential for his discomfort/triggers.

In her science class, they are studying DNA and genetics. As part of their studies, they have to choose a genetic disease/defect (I hate calling anything that, but for lack of a better description…..), research it, and write a report.  Initially, she asked her teacher to do hers on autism, because her brother is autistic. For him, she wants to now where it comes from, wants to know more about it. Have I mentioned I love her heart?

I often worry how this affects my older two kids, how it changes them.  Through no fault of their own, they have been thrown into the world of special needs, IEP’s, psychiatrists, therapies. I know it takes my attention away from them frequently.  I try best as I can to level that out.  They know things kids shouldn’t know. They’ve had to watch as their baby brother struggles with anxiety, depression, meltdowns, and all the junk that comes with autism.  They’ve witnessed their mother fall apart more than I would like because this is just hard, and sometimes I lose it. I worry how this affects them.

They are amazing kids though. I see it frequently in the Princess. She has learned to stand up for kids like her brother, to reach out to them at school. She has strong compassion and empathy.  She wants to help make it better.  She’s even expressed a desire to someday work with special needs kids.  She wants to understand why her brother is the way he is.

She decided autism is too broad a subject for her report, too hard to pin down. But her beautiful heart touched me again. Last year, a friend lost his son to the affects of progeria. We’d watched a documentary on his boy, and she knew how sad it made me when he died. So she’s decided that is what she will research and write about. I love this girl. She’s already doing amazing things in her life.  She will make a difference someday.

Huge proud moment…at the top of the list on the handout for sites to use for research was the March of Dimes website. The Princess quickly informed her teacher I am “part of the March of Dimes”.  I guess I am, having volunteered for 10+ years. I just loved the way she put it. And I really loved her teacher included that site on the list!

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