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Slow it down

I got home from the studio with the Princess Tuesday night, completely exhausted. I could even feel it physically – my body was worn out. It feels we’ve been on a spinning top the past few months, constantly running from schools to appointments to activities to home again.  Our days are jammed. Some of it is necessary – those animals and kids do need to see the doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and specialists – but some of it has been self-imposed in my attempts to do all and be all. I’ve decided we need to slow it down, take a breath, take a step back.

The world is not going to come crashing down if I spend a day at home getting things done rather than go to the gym for two hours followed by running around like the proverbial chicken. I will not melt if the floors aren’t mopped on a weekly basis. The fashion police are not going to tackle my child with his ragged shoelaces stay ragged for a few more days rather than me trying to squeeze in one more Target trip. The Princess’ legs are not going to fall off if she misses one ballet class rather than rushing madly from the orthodontist’s office to the studio.  And the children are not going to waste into malnutrition if I feed them frozen waffles for dinner once in awhile.

We just need a moment to breath. They’ve let me know that in actions if not words. The older two are tired.  Little Man is melting down a little more frequently. All three have asked if we could have just one weekend “at home.” I’m complying. I’ve cancelled a couple things this week, rescheduling appointments, moving classes around.  It felt darn good yesterday morning to sit with my coffee and the Today Show for twenty minutes after the kids had been shuttled off to school. Staying home and managing the to-do list brought a peace of mind, a calmness I’ve needed.

We still have much to do in our little world.  The Princess has a competition next weekend. Planning for our annual March of Dimes fundraiser gets into full swing Sunday afternoon. Golf lessons and football practice will happen. There are some must-do’s which must be done. But for a moment, we are going to breath, slow it down, just be. In grand Scarlett O’Hara fashion, I will think about it tomorrow.

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