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I won’t lie, it’s a little weird

The thing I’ve been least looking forward to has happened…..Big Man is as tall as I. Ouch. I’m a bit on the vertically-challenged side, so this isn’t really much of an accomplishment, but you should see the joy on his face.  I won’t lie, it’s a little weird to look your son directly in the eye without stooping over.

I’ve dreaded this day arriving the last few years. How do you parent someone who’s taller than you? I’m worried the impact will be less when I’m looking up at him.  Worse than this, the Princess isn’t far behind him. I know my days of not being the shortest person in this household are limited.

When Big Man was born, he was considered “big for 26 weeks” at 2 pounds even, and a startling 15 inches long. Most 26 weekers are 11-12 inches long.  But 2 pounds and 15 inches is incredibly small. I never pictured in those early days the time he would grow past me. It seemed impossible to believe. And yet, here we are. Makes the miracle of his life even more real.  Not only did he survive such an early birth, he’s thriving.

I guess I’m looking for advice, or just reassurance parenting doesn’t change when your kids are taller than you. I’m calling on my vertically-challenged mom friends to let me know I can do this. 😉 We need to band together to let our kids know we’re still the boss, right?

2 thoughts on “I won’t lie, it’s a little weird

  1. I’m 5’9″. A respectable height for a woman. My youngest passed me when he was 16. He’s now 18 and over 6′. While it thrilled him and amused my other children when I had to look up to make eye contact, it was unsettling for me.

    Like you, I was concerned about remaining the queen of all things important. Turns out, it’s not your size that makes them respect your position, it’s your heart.

    I’ve been following you long enough to know, you’re heart is exactly where it needs to be. I have no doubt that all of your children will continue to respect and honor you, even when they have height advantages.

    You’re an awesome mom and an amazing person. This issue doesn’t need to be on your list of things to be concerned about.

    Look at it this way, now you’ll be able to use them to get stuff off high shelves for you!


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