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2015 – Apparently, the year of the Hot Mess

So. yeah, as described in my poor-pitiful-me post here this year didn’t get off to the amazing start I’d hoped for. While my attitude has improved for the most part, this seems to be the year of the hot mess. Me, I’m the hot mess. I am constantly forgetting things…what day it is, appointments I’ve already scheduled when scheduling new appointments, which building I’m supposed to drop the Princess on which day for her dance classes, what time the kids get out of school and how long it’ll take me to get to another part of town (again, when scheduling appointments), what I’m meant to buy at the grocery store (even when I take a list), who needs what by when. I very nearly was half an hour late to my hair appointment this morning because I had in my head it was set for 10am, when it was actually at 9:30am. I made it, but not without a whirlwind showering and make-up’ing session followed by a speedy drive halfway across town.

I feel frantic half the time, overwhelmed and incapable. It’s frustrating when you’re used to being the one who has it all together (that phrase still makes me laugh when applied to myself, but I’ve heard it enough from others I’ll own it).  I keep forgetting Big Man has football practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Never crosses my mind I’m supposed to get him there until it’s upon me, and I’m usually in the middle of something else, or am supposed to be somewhere else. Yes, I do have a calendar I check religiously. It doesn’t help much for the things I haven’t actually put in the calendar. See, hot mess.

I’ve always had multiple to-do lists just so I don’t forget anything. Even with my lists, I still seem to be missing stuff lately.  Or a whole day will get away from  me without much being accomplished.  I’m sitting here now, typing away, rather than facing down the dishes in the sink and dishwasher, or putting away Little Man’s clean clothes currently laying on the end table, as well as the floor of his room, or figuring out what I’m going to feed my children for dinner.

It isn’t helping I haven’t been able to run but once since December 28th.  I’m convinced it’s messing with me completely.  I did run one morning last week, without pain. Two days later, I was right back where I started as far as pain and the ability – or lack thereof – to walk much less run. Outside of yoga tomorrow, this week is one I’m taking off from any exercise, just trying to get the inflammation and pain levels under control. No exercise = a serious case of the loonies.

So, join me in my hot messiness. I almost guarantee you’ll be entertained.

5 thoughts on “2015 – Apparently, the year of the Hot Mess

  1. I set my alarm last night for my usual Mon-Wed routine. When it went off this morning I shut it off thinking to myself that it was Thursday and I didn’t have to get up as early…45 minutes later I was running around like a “momster” trying to round the troop up. It was a “here eat a piece of toast” in the van kind of day.

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