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The Waiting

I can hardly believe my littlest will finish elementary school come June, and our family will enter an entirely new phase. I’m busted up about this in so many ways (and yes, there will be posts!). My babies are growing up too quickly. We’re leaving a place which has been a second home for nine years. We’re leaving behind the known and facing an unknown. Mostly, we’re in limbo at the moment.

We’ve put Little Man in two lotteries for middle school next year. We won’t know for at least another month if he’s gotten into either one. I try to keep it way back in my mind, knowing there’s nothing I can do to hurry the process. We just have to wait. But thoughts often force their way to the forefront….logistics, worry, hope. I want to know which path will be his, where he will be, what new experience we will face. We do have back-up plans, of course. One of the schools is very much sought after to the tune of a couple thousand kids putting in for just over 100 spots. The other school is new, but still there is considerable interest. Both seem long shots at the moment.

His IEP hangs in the balance. We can’t adjust it for middle school until we know where he will be attending middle school. It does make me anxious to leave it so long. And my momma heart will want to have it all settled well before the end of this school year. I’ll want the chance for him to meet his new team before summer begins, if for nothing else than to lower his anxiety level. I will need to know they know us, understand him and his needs, that he will be okay wherever he’s going.

He may very well end up going to the same school his siblings have attended. That won’t be the end of the world – Big Man and the Princess have both done very well – but it brings a lot more anxiety as it is a big, traditional middle school with lots more hurdles for Little Man to face and overcome. Logistically, it would be much easier to have him there. As well as I know the school, I’m as nervous about it as I was before  Big Man started there three years ago. Sigh….

So, we wait, for at least another month. I will try hard to keep the thoughts at bay, not think about what may be until we know where he will be next year. Have I mentioned we’re not very good at waiting?

One thought on “The Waiting

  1. I totally hear you on this one. I was talking about this very thing with a friend the other day. My work-and-kids’ -school schedule right now is so perfect, yet SO tight, it stresses me out wondering how next year will work since it’s guaranteed that something will be different, but I don’t know yet which thing(s) will be changing. Will I have two schools to pick up and drop off at? And if so, which two? Or just one, though a different one than this year? And if start and finish times are different by even 15 minutes, will I be able to get to work on time? Pick up on time? Yeah, anxiety inducing, for sure. I’m not great at waiting, either.

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