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What is it about that one post?

I will admit, I’m obsessed with the stats on my blog. That’s usually one of the first things I check on my phone each morning, and one of the last things I check at night. I’m always interested in which posts are generating the most views. It seems once a week, this post pops back up. I wrote it in 2010, a day before Big Man’s tenth birthday. What is it about that post that attracts attention? What words are searched to bring it up? I wish I knew. It is just another version of Big Man’s birth story.

Those “unknown search terms” drive me insane. I’m sure it’s hidden somewhere behind that phrase, whatever it is that brings this post up. It isn’t categorized. There aren’t any tags. It’s from my earlier days of blogging before I knew what I was doing. So how do people find it? And why do they read it?

I don’t know why I’m surprised every time I see that post pop up in my stats. It’s been happening consistently for the last few months. It just makes me wonder. Do you have a post like that?

I have to hope it’s helping someone, or giving them hope. It is where my parenting journey began. It gives a brief glimpse into our relationship with prematurity. It’s rather brief. But for whatever reason, it’s being read, even nearly five years after it was written. Weird.

Happy Saturday from the Herd.

4 thoughts on “What is it about that one post?

  1. I too am OBSESSED with my stats!!! Right now I am determined to beat my peeks of November which still holds the highest peeks. I have a couple posts that get looked at quite often. Must just be something in the title that people would like to read about. Happy Saturday to you too!!!

  2. I know what you mean. A lot of people look up the clowns post. Which is funny because I’m a little scared of clowns. But there it is – several times a week – popping up in my stats. Scary. 😉 lol

  3. One of my posts about teaching soil always in the most viewed. Really dirt? It makes no sense and I almost wonder if WordPress has a glitch in the equation of that stat…

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